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My Sketchbook Toolbox

My subscribers have asked me, "what tools do I carry in my traveling sketchbook

kit “? I always have pencils, fountain pens, fine line markers, gel pens, and watercolors. I am always adding to my travel kit and updating it with new pencils and pens.

Do you have a sketchbook kit? I find that having a sketchbook kit is helpful for the following reasons.

1. It encourages me to draw every day and makes it accessible.

2. When traveling I am inspired with so many ideas and concepts. My sketchbook allows me to save my inspiration on the spot. I don't wait until I get home when my memories might be fading, and the inspiration will be in the past.

3. Connects you to others.

One benefit I wasn’t expecting before I made my travel sketchbook, was how it would connect me with others.

Each time I have shared my sketchbook drawings about the locals I have visited I was on social media.

It’s so wonderful and inspiring to be part of a global community.

4. Traveling is a unique experience. You can have your breath taken away by natural beauty, like drawing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You can develop an even deeper and more intense connection with the people you travel with and the experiences you share.

It is a true human experience, and documenting it all in a sketchbook gives you a chance to draw and share a level of personal thought, emotion, and experience that can be difficult to express.

Jalama Beach and a quick doodle testing my pen.

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